About Us

Owned managed and operated by Prabhal who hails from a family with centuries of farming tradition it wasn’t long before the farm was named Daksh Farm and we started doing a lot of the right things. Undaunted by those who said it couldn’t be done we are the first to successfully launch Organic Whole Grain Matta Rice for e-tail sale in this part of the world. We are committed to being a catalyst for positive change in our kitchens and our environment by promoting organic matta rice and products processed from organic whole-grain matta rice. This commitment is shared by our farmers and employees, and by the people who choose Daksh Farm products every day across the country. Together we’re making a healthy difference in the way we eat. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to producing the wholesome food possible, food that nourishes and delights.
Our products don’t look like ordinary produce and they are not. Our products are healthy It’s amazingly fine after all, it comes from Daksh Farm. It’s divinely tasty grown in the richest soil fed by the clearest rainwater. It’s extraordinarily different what else would you expect from a small, caring boutique rice grower who respects the land and local communities, and who supports local farmers?

The Rice experts at Daksh Farm have crafted truly exceptional rice with a rich yet mild, elegant, and luxurious taste. This premium rice is the ideal selection for those who desire luxury and quality in every meal.
Indulge in the full-bodied flavor of Daksh Farm Organic Matta Rice Aroma. For the discerning rice consumer, nothing is more important than flavor. The Daksh Farm experts have crafted an exceptional blend and aptly called it ‘Rich Aroma’. Add to that a gorgeous brown bran and it’s no wonder Daksh Farm Organic Matta Rice’s Rich Aroma is a Matta Rice lover’s dream.
No matter how you choose to purchase your rice, Daksh Farm Organic Matta Rices’s Rich aroma, taste, and texture are sure to excite and awaken your senses day after day. The ultimate care and commitment are in every package of Daksh Farm Rice. The delicious, heady aroma and its gorgeous color are sure to delight every time.

We are constantly in touch with farmers who want to change the world by protecting the health of people and the land in nearby areas.

Daksh Farm was born from our passion for protecting the land and the health of people of all ages and our belief that we could make a difference. We treat the soil, air, and water as important resources, respecting the delicate balance of nature. We have created a blend of organic practices and integrated pest management techniques to create our own growing system that we call Eco-Farmed. We think that you will find it above and beyond conventional rice production practices while still providing an important option for price-conscious consumers.
Our matta rice is produced with the greatest respect for your health, the sustainability of the planet, and the prosperity of our community. Daksh Farm matta rice not only tastes better but feels better.

Daksh Farm recognizes the importance of a natural environment, purity of the foods we eat and sustainability in agriculture. We recognize the consumer’s interest in knowing how their food was produced and what ingredients are present. Daksh Farms’ goal is to be able to market its rice in all countries worldwide in accordance with those countries’ GMO acceptance levels.
Daksh Farm opposes the creation and propagation of genetically modified food and fiber for the following reasons:

  • They may cause adverse health conditions in humans
  • They may have adverse environmental and ecological impacts, as well as reduce the biodiversity of crop varieties
  • They have the potential to cross over to conventional, non-modified types
  • They are not generally accepted in world trade
  • They have an adverse impact on organic agriculture
  • They can cause a proliferation of chemical use, negatively affecting agricultural sustainability of soils and water
  • They create dependence on chemical suppliers
  • They create dependence on proprietary seed corporations
  • Oversight of development is ineffective and once released, GMO’s may be uncontrollable

There are not clear liability protections for farmers whose crops become contaminated with GMOs