Organic Matta Rice 25% Bran 9Kg


Matta rice is a brown rice variety grown in rice farms at Palakkad. This rice variety which was once confined to royalty is now made available by us through our online store.


Our Organic Matta Rice

Organic Matta rice is grown in selected rice farms in Palakkad and is the best available in the world. In Matta Rice rice we ensure the rice is not stripped of its natural goodness. This rice is grown in our farms and processed under our supervision we ensure our customers get unadulterated rice.

Why 25% Bran

25% bran content is the perfect choice for people who are used to the normal matta rice available in market and want to try more bran content in their rice. With 25% bran we offer you goodness than what is currently available in store shelves and is the perfect gateway to increase your bran levels.

Cooking Matta Rice:

Add one cup rice to three cups water in a pressure cooker. After 6-7 steams or whistles, put off the flame and allow it to cool. Matta Rice is ready to be served.

Grain length and color may vary with the season and may differ with the batch processed and shipped.

matta rice

Organic Matta Rice 25% Bran 9Kg