Matta Rice more healthy

Consumption of Kerala Matta Rice proves to be healthy for the body as compared to the other variety of rice. Along with its unique taste, Kerala Matta Rice is believed to have several health benefits over white rice.

Improves Digestion :

Matta Rice is very healthy for the body as it improves digestion and prevents related disorders. It contains fibers which controls digestive disorders like gas, indigestion, etc. Matta Rice helps in easy bowel movement and prevents constipation as well.

Controls Cholesterol Level:

Cholesterol can be controlled by eating Kerala Matta Rice on a daily basis. It is rich in nutrient monacolin A, which decreases cholesterol level in the body.

Prevents Obesity:

Matta Rice contains very less amount of calories compared to white rice. While Kerala Matta Rice has 150 calories, white rice contains calories upto 200.  It does not have any amount of fat and hence proves to be beneficial in preventing and controlling obesity.

Source Of Calcium And Zinc

Matta rice is very rich in calcium as compared to white rice. It helps to the keep the teeth and bones healthy as it is a source of calcium. Presence of calcium prevents several bone diseases and teeth related problems. Matta Rice also contains zinc which helps in healing of wounds.


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