How to cook Kerala Matta rice in pressure cooker

Unlock the Simplicity of Cooking Palakkadan Matta Rice: A Quick and Easy Method

If you’re a fan of Palakkadan Matta Rice, also known as Kerala red rice, and you’re looking for a quick and easy cooking method, you’re in the right place. This method ensures a perfect outcome every time, allowing you to relish this nutritious and flavorful rice with your favorite dishes.


Palakkadan Matta Rice
Salt (optional)


Wash and Soak:

Begin by washing the Palakkadan Matta Rice thoroughly. Soak it in 5 cups of water for an hour. This crucial step ensures proper hydration, leading to perfectly cooked rice.

Pressure Cooking:

Transfer the soaked rice to a pressure cooker. Pressure cook the rice for 7-8 whistles. This efficient cooking method saves time while preserving the nutritional value of the rice.

Drain Excess Water:

Once the pressure is released, carefully take out the rice. Drain the excess water by running it through a colander. This not only removes excess starch but also enhances the texture of the rice.

Starch Water for Kids:

Optionally, add a bit of salt to the drained water, turning it into starch water. This starch water, although not preferred for consumption by some, can be given to kids as a nutritious beverage.

Palakkadan Matta Rice is Ready:

Your Palakkadan Matta Rice is now ready to be served. Its distinct taste and health benefits make it a perfect companion for various South Indian dishes.

Serving Preferences:

Enjoy Palakkadan Matta Rice with classic pairings like sambar, vatha kuzhambu, and curd. While it complements these dishes exceptionally well, it might not be the ideal match for other combinations.


Soaking is Crucial:

Ensure you soak the rice properly; otherwise, it may not cook evenly. This step is vital for achieving the desired texture.

Versatility in Cooking:

While the pressure cooker method is the quickest, if you prefer, you can also cook Palakkadan Matta Rice on the stovetop.
Discover the ease and simplicity of preparing Palakkadan Matta Rice with this quick method. Elevate your dining experience with this nutritious and versatile rice, perfectly paired with your favorite South Indian delights.

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