How to cook Matta Rice perfectly

How to cook Kerala matta rice?

In South India rice plays an important role in people’s diet. Choosing a healthy rice option is essential since people consume it almost daily. The best option for healthy matta rice is the traditionally cultivated ones from Daksh Farm. You can buy 1 kg pack of Kerala matta rice from their website.

Kerala Matta Rice, produced by Daksh Farm, also known as Red Rice, is a nutrition-packed grain due to its unpolished nature. This rice, with its distinct red hue, goes by various names such as Rosematta Rice, Palakkadan Matta Rice, Kerala Red Rice, or Red Parboiled Rice. The reddish-brown color is a result of the parboiling process.

Beyond its health benefits, some find it challenging to cook. Despite its longer cooking time, the rice rewards with a hearty and satisfying taste, making it a wholesome choice for those who appreciate nutritious meals.

In this blog post, we will outline two methods for preparing Kerala red rice. The draining method requires more time and frequent checks to ensure the rice is cooked. It’s recommended to use a pressure cooker for cooking red rice—it’s not only faster but also foolproof.

Pressure Cooker Method for Matta Rice

Cooking matta rice in a pressure cooker offers convenience and time savings. It’s preferable to use a pressure cooker for Kerala matta rice preparation. Although you can drain the rice after cooking to remove excess starch, if you prefer a non-draining method, ensure you add the correct amount of water and pressure cook accordingly. After the rice is cooked, an additional step might be needed to heat the rice again and eliminate any excess liquid.


  1. Wash and Prepare:
    • Rinse Kerala Matta Rice thoroughly, ensuring cleanliness and removing excess starch. Washing it 5 to 6 times helps in achieving the desired texture.
  2. Soaking Time:
    • Allow the rice to soak in water for a minimum of 30 minutes. This step ensures even cooking and enhances the rice’s natural flavors.
  3. Instant Pot Setup:
    • Transfer the soaked rice to the Instant Pot. For every cup of rice, add 8 cups of water for optimal results.
  4. PotSetting:
    • Cover the Pot and set it to cook mode. The pot method allows the rice to absorb the flavors and achieve the ideal consistency.
  5. Natural Pressure Release:
    • This gradual release ensures that the rice continues to absorb moisture, creating a fluffy and delicious texture.
  6. Drain and Cool:
    • Open the Pot and gently drain the perfectly cooked Kerala Matta Rice using a colander. This step helps remove any excess liquid and ensures a delightful eating experience.
  7. Serving Perfection:
    • Let the rice cool for a moment before serving. The Pot method guarantees not only efficiency but also consistency in achieving the desired tenderness and flavor.
  8. Enjoy the Delight:
    • Present your culinary creation with pride. The Instant Pot method simplifies the cooking process, allowing you to savor the rich taste and nutritional benefits of Kerala Matta Rice effortlessly.

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